Would you trade in your tri-fold wallet for this?

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  3. caballerosr answered: yes, super subtle
  4. richyfrank answered: Yes….Nice and compact.
  5. datsmastyle answered: No, I don’t think so. Too small.
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  8. travisvsworld answered: Pretty sure this would just get lost forever after one day of owning it.
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  11. djdriggs answered: Yes.
  12. theheartbreakking answered: its really small.
  13. graffitiandglitter answered: yeah this is compact, and very sophisticated
  14. xater answered: Dude that’s awesome, of course.
  15. 707elite answered: Got an answer for details?
  16. mataaywoo answered: yes!
  17. upperfreshside answered: Who uses a trifold these days?
  18. stylishly-priced answered: For certain occasions yes
  19. swiminthissilence answered: yepp!
  20. daudhasnosoulandsodoi answered: probably
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  22. jfpd answered: Absolutely.
  23. christiansten answered: oh yes!!
  24. wayofawayfarer answered: yes
  25. beclassydude answered: Yes, yes I would.
  26. kangalex answered: i wouldnt use a trifold to start with, but winter time calls for a bifold. card holders are for spring/summer. light-wear season.
  27. pwagwan answered: I actually use something like that, except the other side has a transparent part of ID.