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Leonardo’s on-screen looks. 

On their collaborative partnership:

LEONARDO DICAPRIO: [Before] Gangs of New York I had been wanting to work with this man for a long time and I remember my father taking me to see one of Marty’s movies and saying to me ‘If you have a green light in this industry there’s one person you should work with—this man.” So I sought it out and it culminated in Gangs of New York. Since then we’ve had this great relationship where we trust each other more and more. We have a lot of similar sensibilities, like an acute understanding of what a scene should be, but more than that it’s an honor to be on set with somebody like this who reinforces in me what making movies is all about.

MARTIN SCORSESE: The main element there is trust, creative trust, and it has been remarkable in this later part of my life to find someone that I can collaborate with who rejuvenates me every time we work together.

"I wanted to do a film that, to me, was a depiction of the times we live in. Jordan Belfort was somebody that I was obsessed with playing since 2008, watching the destruction of our economy. He’s not the problem, but he represents something within our very nature and our society that’s very wrong… It was a fun process because there really was no limit to what we could do because Jordan’s biography depicted stuff we could never have imagined."

—Leonardo DiCaprio for The Wolf of Wall Street

Leo sure loves playing a rich New Yorker….but will it get him an Oscar?

Leonardo DiCaprio sure likes playing a rich New Yorker. Check out Martin Scorsese’s newly released trailer for his new film The Wolf of Wall Street, and read the Details interview with Scorsese where he talks about the film’s production. 

DETAILS: Your next project is another New York story, The Wolf of Wall Street, about Jordan Belfort—a 1990s finance guy who refused to cooperate with a securities fraud investigation and (among other things) ran up a $700,000 hotel bill. What about that story resonates with you?

Martin Scorsese: A lot of people have asked me, ‘Don’t you want to do something about the economic situation?’ And Leo has a passion for the character. That and the film is able to make comments about the values in our culture—in terms of not caring about hurting other people and taking their lives, their houses, cheating other people constantly.

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