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gin thyme lemonade.

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Bar Watch 2014

Cognac Cocktails: Brandy’s Move to Bartender Favorite


Across america, bartenders are embracing the colonial spirit to create sophisticated, irresistible cocktails tailor-made for the season.

Yep, yogurt cocktails are actually a thing…

It’s Almost The Weekend: The 7 Best Foods & Drinks to Cure a Hangover


Freshly squeezed pineapple juice sinks below this drink’s molasses-flavored rum to form a beverage that has a well-balanced taste—and look (via Attaboy in NYC)

It’s 5 o’clock somewhere so why not take a look at these 5 Drink Trends You Need to Know Now.

#ThirstyThursday Find out the new Manhattan cocktail trends.

Raise your glass and drink like Gatsby for the film’s weekend opener. Try these modern drinks inspired by the Jazz age. 

(Gif via gatsbymovie)