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Nice late-afternoon view of #Chicago from above, on my way back to NYC this evening

View of Chicago from the air, taken by yours truly earlier this evening. Have really enjoyed guest blogging this weekend for Details…thanks for having me!


Shapes of Barcelona accurate to scale.
Magic Fountain of Montjuïc, W Barcelona (Hotel Vela), Torre de telecomunicaciones de Montjuïc, Columbus Monument, Torre Agbar ,Arc de Triomf. 

Loving the beautiful city-themed graphic posters designed by artist Yoni Alter.


“Super jumbo I” A380

Today’s beautiful aviation shot courtesy of photographer Adam Senatori.


jin mao tower and shanghai tv tower (by Gaellery)

Cross Google Street View with video and you get a “Hyperlapse” - it’s like a virtual road trip on steroids.


Heavy metal fans in Botswana are known for their distinctive style, dressed head-to-toe in black leather - whatever the weather. Photographer Frank Marshall has documented this tight-knit subculture. Check out the full gallery here.

Photograph: Frank Marshall/Rooke Gallery


A Foodie’s Guide to Asia: In our May 2013 issue, “A Foodie’s Guide to Asia” featured chefs, bloggers, and culinary experts sharing their insider advice on where to go and what to eat now. Are you planning a trip to Asia? Use any and all of these great tips and ideas in the Wanderlists from this issue to eat (and travel) well!

Heading to Hong Kong, Tokyo, Bangkok or Seoul in the near future? Here’s how to eat well while you’re there.

This weekend we welcome Tumblr’s Travel Evangelist Jeremy Kressmann as our dedicated guest Tumblr. While we may not be able to go everywhere Jeremy does, we love to live vicariously through his gorgeous, wanderlust-inducing blog.

About Jeremy: Chicagoan by birth, New Yorker by trade. Lover of tall buildings and consumer of curried noodle soups. Travel Evangelist at Tumblr.
Jeremy, take it away!


PSA: I’m guest curating the Details Tumblr this weekend.

This is the most stylish song I know.

It’s true! The Details Tumblr is All Mine. Ask me anything