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Four workout moves for a more balanced and powerful physique.

Exercise of the Day: Alternating Row With Kettlebell Switch

Exercise of the Day: Alternating Pivot Lunge With ViPR

Exercise of the Day: Plank to Rotation Reach

Get groomed. Then pay it forward. Luxury grooming gifts here.

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Could this be ruining your workout?

Maca (pronounced MAH-kuh): as an adaptogen, a metabolic regulator that sends a wake-up call to your brain and balances your hormones.

A new libido-booting superfood? This we have to try.

They’re not your typical bed and breakfasts, but these small hotels pack maximum luxury with breathtaking views. From the snowy Switzerland suites to the Chilean ultra-contemporary cabins, check out “The Best (Really) Little Hotels in the World" at

It’s Men’s Health Month, so wherever you go, have this travel (and style)-friendly workout gear at the ready.