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Charlotte Gainsbourg is fine with using a porn actor double for her Nymphomaniac sex scenes.

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Our summer pop culture roundup.

Leonardo DiCaprio sure likes playing a rich New Yorker. Check out Martin Scorsese’s newly released trailer for his new film The Wolf of Wall Street, and read the Details interview with Scorsese where he talks about the film’s production. 

DETAILS: Your next project is another New York story, The Wolf of Wall Street, about Jordan Belfort—a 1990s finance guy who refused to cooperate with a securities fraud investigation and (among other things) ran up a $700,000 hotel bill. What about that story resonates with you?

Martin Scorsese: A lot of people have asked me, ‘Don’t you want to do something about the economic situation?’ And Leo has a passion for the character. That and the film is able to make comments about the values in our culture—in terms of not caring about hurting other people and taking their lives, their houses, cheating other people constantly.

Apparently the world is going to end, guys…

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