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Would you trade in your tri-fold wallet for this?

Check out the best of the best from Milan Fashion Week.


Mr. Alex Maier

A few things to note with Alex’s looks here:

  1. Proportions. The suit fits him to a T and the trousers break right at the top of his shoe—visually lengthening his leg without making it look like he hemmed the pants too high.
  2. Details. He strikes all of the right notes with his black belt, pocket square, and bolder tie. Still, he one ups the usual outfit by adding a deep red cuff knot to the lapel hole for good measure. Watch and learn.
  3. Confidence. A peak lapel windowpane suit is not the most subtle option in your closet. Yet, Alex knows how good the suit can look when you wear it proud and come equipped with a good tailor and a clean haircut. Wear your suit, don’t let it wear you.